To realize our vision of delivering a better video experience, we work hard. We work creatively. And we work together as a tightly knit team, bound by our passion for digital media and what our technology can bring to the world. If you think you would be a good fit, please join us. If you’re interested in working at DivX, please shoot us an email.

Compliance Engineer

Position Summary: The Compliance Engineer will lead the technical team as part of DivX’s compliance group.  This individual will manage and optimize DivX’s video technology testing materials used to detect DivX Technology included in Consumer Products.  This individual will work with DivX’s Legal and Licensing tea…

Mobile App Tester, Part Time, Temporary

Join our team as a Mobile App Tester and help us bring ground-breaking new products to market. You will be part of an exciting, diverse, and flexible team of people. San Diego born and bred, DivX, LLC has been a leader in digital video technology since 2000. Position Summary: DivX has just released a new mobile ap…

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